Process Improvement

What is a Process?

A process is a combination of tasks that occur in a specific order and result in accomplishing work. Processes are the building blocks of all organizations, and may be carried out by one department, or may pass through many departments from start to finish.

Our Approach

Understanding how organizational processes work today is the key to figuring out how to make them function more efficiently and effectively tomorrow. Creating a baseline process involves examining each task within a current process and documenting how that task is carried out, by whom the task is carried out and how its completion fits into the final output.

Processes must be addressed as a whole, in order to determine where improvements could be realized. The examination of tasks and their interrelationships play a paramount role in the re-alignment and re-organization of activities.

Each process improvement initiative is unique, and therefore no blanket solution can or should be applied across all organizations. Where one organization might require a complete re-alignment of roles and tasks, another outfit might achieve significant results by simply documenting and following standard operating procedures.

How Pinnacle Can Help

The team of Change Agents at Pinnacle Project Management are ready to help you recognize your true organizational potential. We will work with you and your group to create a more efficient and rewarding tomorrow.

From documenting existing processes, to performing needs assessments, to completing options or impact analyses, we will guide, educate and improve the way you do business.

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