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We work with our customers to develop solutions to information, process and resource challenges. We do this by applying experience, rigour, and technology to complement our customers’ subject matter expertise.

Pinnacle Project Management is a team of experienced consultants with broad industry experience (including manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, public sector, and IT) and a deep set of skills within diverse disciplines. Our professional backgrounds include Engineering, Accounting, and Information Technology.

We thrive on understanding your problems and then helping you work through them. Whether your business:

  • has an information system which no longer meets your needs;
  • is experiencing growth that can no longer be accommodated by current processes and resourcing models; or
  • has all the building blocks in place but needs assistance in managing the numerous activities/projects in parallel to achieve your goals;

Our team will leverage our experience to help your company overcome its challenges.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your company to discuss how we may be of value to you. Feel free to contact us at your convenience to set up a no risk, no cost discussion.

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