Solution Examples

Multi-Site Consolidated Financials

  • Automotive subsidiary of Honda was implementing SAP and needed to consolidate disparate financial systems from multiple sites into the corporate system
  • Time sensitive financial data had to be shared in real time
  • Integrated three manufacturing to one corporate site
  • Connectelligence services monitor transactions in real-time on each remote system, determine financial impact of those transactions, and send the financial impact as new transactions into the corporate SAP R/3 system.
  • Sites maintain their own business systems and corporate gets the captive financial data needed from each remote site

Shop Floor Workflow

  • Automotive subsidiary of Toyota implemented Infor® ERP system and needed to enforce workflow on their shop floor operations
  • Standard inventory transactions needed to be supported (order create, receipt, ship, inventory move, cycle count, etc.)
  • Solution had to run on mobile devices spanning many generations.
  • Developed rules database, and workflow code in Visual Basic. Use Connectelligence to manage the TCP/IP communications between the services and client devices.
  • Customer now uses over 100 concurrent mobile devices with workflow that they can control in Visual Studio

Operations Management Report Server

  • Corrugated products manufacturer had many SSRS reports that needed to go out according to ERP activity.
  • Nightly batch operations were inadequate as the report needs were based on ERP activity, not on fixed time intervals.
  • Developed dictionary of all reports and report trigger definitions.
  • Used Connectelligence service to monitor ERP activity in real-time for transactions that could affect reporting needs.
  • Reports are sent out in real-time, when the ERP transactions hit defined trigger points.

Business Rule Enforcement

  • Plastic products manufacturer needed ERP transactions monitored for rogue transactions that did not meet corporate business rules.
  • ERP system had only limited rules definitions and enforcements.
  • Developed custom rules database.
  • Used Connectelligence services to monitor key database activity in the ERP system in real-time, check for rules violations, and take corrective actions.
  • Corrective actions included transaction prevention, reversing transactions, email notification, and logging.

ERP to ERP Integration

  • Customer with multiple ERP systems (one at each of several manufacturing plants) needed to synchronize metadata.
  • Since ERP systems were run autonomously, there was no supported metadata synchronization mechanism available.
  • Created relationship table to define each of the ERP systems and related information.
  • Created Connectelligence services on each network to monitor the ERP systems in real-time and send master data updates to other Connectelligence services.
  • Receiving services created transactions to update the metadata changes in each ERP system.

Critical Real-Time Solutions

  • Customer had problems building time-sensitive orders with parts that arrive with little or no lead time.
  • Original system had a person take a “hot orders” list into receiving and look for new shipments of required parts.
  • Service was created to automatically mark “hot” orders according to the companies business rules.
  • Now a Connectelligence service monitors purchase order scans in real-time and automatically notifies key employees of “Hot parts” as they are scanned at the receiving dock.
  • Customer is now enabled to process time-sensitive orders without waiting for hot parts to move through the system.

Legacy integration solutions

  • Customer had a need to gather real-time data from a hopper (shop floor equipment) built 20 years ago, and supporting a text file as its only real interface.
  • Customer needed process information in real-time from the device for reporting, ordering, and other needs.
  • A Connectelligence service was built to monitor the hopper’s output file in real-time, and create the necessary reports, and follow-up processing.
  • The Connectelligence service now automates follow-on transactions in response to the hopper’s throughput, reserve, and other information.
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